Came across some amazing and thought-provoking work this week as I was studying the imagery of Finnish landscape photographer Mikko Lagerstedt.  While Mikko is a genius at capturing the amazing beauty of nature, atmospheric and night-time photography is where he really shines.

Perusing through his galleries, I was struck by the vibrance and unearthly beauty of some of his night shots, and equally impressed by several of his mist and heavy fog images.  Although his editing style is somewhat harsh at times, he aims to convey the extreme magnificence that’s hidden in the darker side of nature – a whole new world of rich colors and dense contrasts.  It’s images like these that make me stop and wonder what other sorts of incredible beauty I’ve been missing out on all this time.

For those who are interested, Mikko also has compiled both a Photoshop Editing Actions Set and a Lightroom Editing Presets Set, which are available for purchase and download.

You can check out his work below:

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