ISO 400 | 31mm | f 4.0 | 1/160 sec

Surrounded by a cloud of thick fog, lost and unsure of my direction, wandering about with no particular destination in mind, without a friend to rescue me from the misery of my uncertainty.  Oh what a plight to be caught in the fog of bewilderment alone, where all assurance is lost and every hint of previous self-confidence is smothered by the haze that has become a new and present reality.  I would have given up in despair long ago were there no hope of escape.  Yet in one of these ominous, looming forms lies the key to my deliverance.

Were it not for my own uncertainty, and the dense mist that shrouds these dark forms, I would not hesitate to make climb out of this fog and return to life as it was.  But how can I be sure of which route to take?  How can I know which one will lead me safely out of this fog?  I’ve heard stories of people plummeting to their deaths because they saw the end too late and stepped out into nothingness.  Though I dread to stay down here forever, there is more safety on the ground than 2,000 feet in the air.  If only I could be more sure of my decision, if only the winds of clarity would drive this fog away…

Here’s a quick and dirty composite that I threw together last night.  It’s another combination of photographic and 3D elements brought together in Photoshop.  I would have loved to have had real fog to work with, but since the weather wasn’t obliging, I had to create it in post.  The hard thing I find is the balance of not overdoing an effect, yet doing it enough so that the story is conveyed.  I’m not sure where this image falls on that scale, but hopefully it tells its message.

Uncertainty is a place we all find ourselves at one time or another, and it seems like decisions loom before us like dark shrouded figures, hostile and unforgiving.  Yet the longer we remain in the land of indecision, the longer we’ll miss out on the joys that await us just outside this thick and present gloom.  We have to make the climb, stand firm in our decisions, move forward, overcome our doubts with the confidence that God gives us.  Through His grace we can find our way out of this fog, and by His strength we can move forward with our lives.

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