ISO 100 | 50mm | f 8.0 | 3.2 sec

Never underestimate the power (literally) of batteries.  Be sure to always check the charge and also ensure that you have extras just in case (fully charged extras, that is).

This was impressed upon me just a couple weeks ago when we were at Bryce Canyon staring bug-eyed at the majestic amazingness of the gorgeous landscape before us.  And as I was snapping away (I just couldn’t help myself), I suddenly discovered that I was low on battery.  Not to worry, I still had two other batteries in my bag, so I was in good shape, or so I thought.  It wasn’t until I had changed the first battery to the second, and then turned around and changed the second battery to the third, that I discovered that I was in possession of three batteries that were all on the verge of dying on me.

Fortunately I managed to salvage my power and spread out the usage of my camera over the course of the entire time we were at Bryce Canyon.  But the experience has caused me to put a little more thought and attention into making sure that my batteries are charged and ready to go.

A little side-note about this image.  I did shoot this image tonight, about 20 minutes ago actually (better late than never).  I only utilized a flashlight to illuminate the scene.  This is a combination of three separate shots.  One image captured the flashlight in motion (the light trail), another image captured the illumination of the top of the battery, and the third image was taken with plastic wrap over the lens to add a sort of blurry, indistinct haziness to the bottom of the image (I thought it added an interesting feel).

So don’t forget to check your batteries.  Speaking of which, it’s about time to recharge mine.


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