I’ve always enjoyed a good triptych.  There’s something about the compilation of multiple photos that tells so much of the story that’s not conveyed by a single image.  It’s something I’ve always wanted to incorporate into my workflow, but the lengthy process that one had to go to to put one together didn’t seem worth the investment.  But Tych Panel has changed that for me, and now compiling diptychs, triptychs, and ntychs has become super slick, and it’s FREE!

Tych Panel installs as an extension to Photoshop CS5+ and resides in the workflow window as an additional sidebar (seen below).

To start, click one of the row or column buttons.  Select the images you want to display in the first column/row, order them the way you want, and click ok.  The software automatically aligns the images according to your predetermined settings regardless of image orientation.  Once it’s finished the first column/row, add another row or column based on the desired end location of the next set of images.  Continue the process until you’re satisfied, there’s no limit to the size or amount you can compile.

The other thing that makes Tych Panel so amazing is that it allows you to redefine its output according to your needs.  You can specify the inner and outer border colors and sizes, roundness of corners, total output size, and you can even choose to add a mask to each image or to convert each photo to a smart object.  Compiling images together has never been easier, and the additional plugin to adobe bridge even allows for combining images directly from the previews area.

Here’s a preview of the options window:

And a preview of the result:

So, do you feel like you want to try your hand at creating beautiful triptychs?  You’ll find that Tych Panel will go above and beyond your expectations, not to mention save you tons of time.

Many thanks to Reimund Trost for developing this amazing add-on.  Visit his site and download it for yourself:


Be sure to watch the accompanying video where he explains the entire process.

Below are a few of the triptychs I’ve put together with this handy little tool.  Enjoy!

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