This is not really a photography-related post, but I wanted to share a great tool that I’ve found to be useful on an almost daily basis.

I’m the type of person that utilizes my computer’s clipboard extensively. I’m always copying and pasting something from one place to another. The only trouble is when I realize that I have accidentally (or without thinking) copied something else to the clipboard, thus replacing what I was originally intending to use.

But this is no longer a problem with CLCL. With this fabulous tool, I can now browse through my clipboard history and recall previous information. You can specify the amount of clipboard activity by changing the settings in the program itself (I have mine set to keep track of up to 30 clipboard edits, thus allowing me to recall and use information I copied 3 hours ago!).

Anyways, if you think such a tool would be a useful asset to your workflow (or even just day-to-day use), visit the page and download this free tool at

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