In an effort to add to the resourcefulness of this site, I will be starting a new monthly post that will either include links to my own actions/presets or ones that I have found useful, or a tutorial on how to create/use custom presets and actions.

So to start out I’ve included links to two of my current favorites, 1 Lightroom preset and 1 Photoshop action. Click the links below to download.

Lightroom Preset: Lindy

I love this one for soft-lit portraits. Boosts the highlights, ups clarity, and adds a faint split tone.

Photoshop Action: Cold Definition

This action is awesome for harsh-lit portraits. Utilizing the Smart Sharpen filter, this action brings out the details in the photo, adding contrast, desaturation, and an overall blue tone to the scene. This also greatly enhances contours of the face, creating very dynamic photos.

If you don’t know how to install actions/presets, check out these sites:

Installing Lightroom Presets

Installing Photoshop Actions

Hope you find these useful. Merry Christmas!

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